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Suzhou Jiaerqiang Company mainly engages in the medical device industry: Urine bags, drainage bags, flushing bags, leg bags, feeding bags, peritoneal dialysis bags, nutrition bags, feeding bags, blood bags, infusion bags, and other medical liquid bags are equipped with automatic high-frequency and high-frequency wave welding and heat sealing equipment, Medical liquid bag airtightness testing, leak detection equipment, gas detection equipment. Various types of hot punching equipment, such as suction tubes, urinary catheters, drainage tubes, gastric tubes, tracheal intubation tubes, etc., as well as hot stamping, melting head forming equipment, closure, sealing, opening and other forming equipment, have strong versatility and easy to change types. Dedicated to the deep development of high-frequency and high-frequency heat sealing manufacturing, through continuous innovation and integration of advanced automation technologies at home and abroad, we aim to better leverage the advantages of high-frequency manufacturing automation and provide better customer service. The company is a technology intensive enterprise that integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales. The company focuses on the high-frequency (high-frequency) heat sealing processing field and focuses on the medical industry. The company implements the "two forces and one heart" service principle of "early stage - full assistance, middle stage - joint cooperation, and later stage - wholehearted service", focusing on the service tenet of creating value for customers. From the technical scheme design in the early stage to the formal processing and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, as well as after-sales service in the later stage, the quality is strictly controlled, inheriting the people-oriented design concept, exploring innovation, and leveraging talent advantages, Our goal is to design and develop various non-standard equipment for customers, and customer satisfaction is what we strive for!

Suzhou Jiaerqiang Fully Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is committed to providing one-stop fully automatic mechanical application services for enterprises, covering the entire life cycle of enterprise development (start-up, development, acceleration, brand period). After 15 years of market development and sedimentation, it has rapidly developed in Jiangsu region, serving enterprises nationwide and even overseas, and has won more than 100 intellectual property certificates.

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15 standardized process nodes, providing refined services throughout the entire cycle.

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Design Manufacturing Assembly Debugging After sales, one-stop service, one-step delivery

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15 standardized process nodes, full cycle refined service

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